League Information
* Sunday:          6:00 PM   Mixed   (Finished for the summer)

* Monday:         6:30 PM   Womans   (Finished for the summer)

* Tuesday:        9:30 AM   Seniors   (Year round)   

* Wednesday:    9:30 AM   Womans  (Finished for the summer)    
                          6:30 PM Mixed   (Summer League starts 5/11/22)

* Thursday:       9:30 AM   Seniors   (Year round)       4:00 PM Special Needs     
                          7:00 PM Mixed   (Finished for the summer)

* Friday:           6:00 PM   Mens   (Finished for the summer)

* Saturday        
  ATTENTION: All our fall/winter leagues are currently finished for the summer.

Want to join  league?
Come in or call on that night to talk to an individual league president.

Email: Collinsbowladrome@gmail.com
Collins Bowladrome
325 Boston Road. Billerica, MA 01862
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